Barbecue Paradise

Barbecue Paradise from the Travel Channel explores some of the best barbecue restaurants in America. Courtesy of the Travel Channel.

News 8 Austin: Kent Black (Christmas 2009)

Kent Black discusses the success of our shipping business during the 2009 Holiday season, and how it has allowed us to share delicious Texas barbecue with people all over the United States. Courtesy of News 8 Austin.

Pitmasters: Edgar and Norma Jean Black

Edgar and Norma Jean Black provide a brief history of Black's Barbecue and talk about our homemade sausage, barbecue sauce, and other smoked meats.

News 8 Austin: Edgar Black

Edgar Black discusses what's made Black's Barbecue successful for over 75 years and also talks about his son, Kent Black, and grandson, Barrett Black, becoming involved in the business. Courtesy of News 8 Austin.

BBQTV: Edgar Black

View the video below to learn about the history of Black's Barbecue from Edgar Black, owner of the oldest family-owned barbecue restaurant in Texas. This video is brought to you by BBQTV.

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