BBQ up your dinner ideas in San Marcos, TX

Beef up on our beefy BBQ at Black’s!

San Marcos Menu

Scratching your head at coming up with a good dinner idea in San Marcos, TX? Well, do we have a recommendation for you. Let’s look at some requirements for a good time: hearty barbeque meat? Check. Great atmosphere while you eat? Check. Live music? Check. Looks like Black’s BBQ is a perfect fit for your plans! That was one of the easiest plans for a dinner ideas in San Marcos, TX ever!

Let’s get more in-depth into each of those requirements. Here at Black’s, we got nine choices of meat for you to pick from, whether you choose to go with our slow-cooked beef brisket that’s so tender it’ll melt in your mouth, or our homemade sausage recipe that’s been sticking around for 80 years, most of your time in the restaurant will probably be spent thinking about what to pick! And of course, to live up to Black’s BBQ standards, we use our post oak wood Lockhart pit for that fresh BBQ to be delivered hot and ready for your benefit!

But hold up a minute, you may be drooling at the mouth at the thought of our BBQ, but great dinner ideas in San Marcos, TX usually means you’re bringing along some people for the ride, right? Well, no worries, Black’s BBQ restaurant sports Texas decor all around the walls so you can feel like you’re eating right at home. A home-environment for a home-cooked meal! Perfect.

Last but certainly not least, to round out your dining experience, we’ll be playing live music all throughout the week for your entertainment. Check out the schedule on the site to see who will be playing next!

Phew! Looks like we got ourselves one of the best dinner ideas in San Marcos, TX! Stop on by when you’re ready to see what Black’s BBQ is all about: our amazing food, ambience, and music!