Best barbeque in Lockhart, TX, bar none!

Come see what all the rage about Black’s BBQ is all about!

Lockhart Menu

Are you scouring your phone for recommendations for “barbeque in Lockhart, TX”? Whether you’ve been living in the Barbeque Capital of Texas for a while now, or you’re just stopping by for a visit, Black’s BBQ has got you covered. We’re easily the best place to eat barbeque in Lockhart, TX.

Our restaurant captures the nostalgic feeling of home, making it the perfect place for you to bring your family, bring your friends, heck, bring your co-workers on over. They’ll be sure to find a favorite among the eight choices of meat we have available, ranging from beef brisket that will melt in your mouth, to pork baby back ribs that will slide right off the bone and into your mouth. Plus, since we’re going for whole at-home feeling, of course we’re going to serve to you our homemade sausage crafted from our 80 year old recipe and techniques! Our wide selection is sure to make you think to yourself that Black’s is the best barbeque in Lockhart, TX!

We have restaurants in other Texas locations as well, but Lockhart is where our story began in 1932, so you’ll be enjoying meals from the store that started it all! Four generations later, we’re still owned by the same, original Black’s family, and we’re also the oldest barbeque in Lockhart, TX! What that means is that you get to reap the benefits of our decades worth of experience as you chow down on barbeque cooked fresh off our post oak wood pit.

So come on down and grab a plate! If it’s barbeque in Lockhart, TX you’re looking for, then look no further, because when it comes to barbeque, Black’s BBQ is all you need to hear!