Black’s Barbecue: The Best BBQ in lockhart, TX

Come out to Black’s for the best BBQ in Lockhart, TX!


For decades, people have flocked to the small town of Lockhart in search of great barbecue. Lockhart is a small town that is often referred to as the barbecue capital of Texas due to its numerous high quality BBQ joints. It’s a must see place for those looking to get some great Texas style brisket or ribs. For those who are looking for the best BBQ in Lockhart, you have to check out Black’s Barbecue.

Black’s Barbecue opened up in 1932 by the Black family, and has since been a favorite for Lockhart locals. Since it opened up, people have been flocking here from all over in search of great barbecue. We’ve gotten so popular we decided to open a location in Austin and San Marcos to share our delicious food with more people. Perhaps the reason we’re the best BBQ in Lockhart, TX is because it’s prepared the same way it was in the 1930s by the Black family, who still runs the restaurant today. Or maybe it’s because we’re passionate about what we do, which is make great barbecue. Locals and critics alike agree that we’re the best BBQ in Lockhart, TX. Texas Monthly declared us one of the top 50 barbecue joints in the world. Critics and locals agree that we’re a must see for those in town. If you’re on the hunt for the best BBQ in Lockhart, TX, you have to try Black’s.

There’s a ton of great barbecue in Texas, but Black’s is considered to have some of the best. We’re definitely the best BBQ in Lockhart, and probably in all of Texas as well. So if you’re a barbecue lover or just happen to be visiting town, you’re missing out unless you’ve stopped by Black’s. Come check us out today!