Brisket Meat in San Marcos, TX

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Brisket Meat in San Marcos, Tx
San Marcos is home to Texas State University, thousands of students, and a great community of people. Having a gorgeous river running through the city, it's hard to resist a visit, but have you ever had the brisket meat in San Marcos, TX? Besides being home to so many college students and tube floating nation, Black’s BBQ has the best brisket in San Marcos, TX. They have been bringing the heat for years, making it difficult for any other bbq place to compete with what they have to offer.

Where our Meat Comes From
Brisket is is a muscle on the cow that holds most of its weight, like a chest on a person. For a muscle to hold weight constantly, their needs to be a lot of connective tissue making this cut of meat a very strong and tough cut. Blacks BBQ brings you brisket meat in San Marcos, TX that is more tender than you’d expect. Brisket takes hours to smoke and a lot of tenderized care for it. Diligence and patience are the only way brisket meat in San Marcos, TX can be so tender. Blacks BBQ has amazing smoked bbq, but the brisket in San Marcos, TX is what makes this establishment such a notorious place to dine at.

After a long day of studying, sunbathing at Swell Park, or tubing down the rivers, you’ll be hungry for the best brisket meat in San Marcos, TX. Blacks BBQ has more than enough seating to accommodate your party, no matter the size. Let them provide you with the best brisket meat in San Marcos, TX after a long day in the sun. A relaxed evening at Black’s BBQ comes with live music, good people, and brisket meat in San Marcos, Tx to complete your day!