Bucket List Ideas in Lockhart, TX

Are you ready to cross of amazing Barbecue off your bucket list? Get ready by checking out our menu!


Are you busy working on your bucket list? There’s always more things to add to your list! Black’s Barbecue is here to bring you bucket list ideas in Lockhart, TX. Our tiny Texas town has earned itself a BIG name as the Barbecue Capital of Texas. Isn’t it time you visited this historic town, enjoyed great Texas BBQ, and crossed an item off your list?

Black’s Barbecue was been serving up delicious barbecue in Lockhart, TX since 1932. Our family-owned and operated barbecue joint has been at the same Lockhart location since we opened! Visiting the original Black’s Barbecue location and enjoying delicious barbecue is one BIG bucket list idea in Lockhart, TX.

What makes Black’s Barbecue so bucket list worthy? If you must ask, then you’ve never tasted our mouth-watering barbecue. Our barbecue is smoked in our BBQ pits – that hold up to 500 pounds of food at one time! In fact, our current BBQ pit was built by Edgar Black Jr. himself in 1949. Talk about history. These are just a few reasons to consider Black’s as one of your bucket list ideas in Lockhart, TX.

Black’s Barbecue may be expanding across Central Texas, but there will only ever be ONE original Black’s location – and it’s located right in the Barbecue Capital of Texas. What better way to enjoy delicious Texas barbecue, learn a little family (and Texas) history, and cross off one of your bucket list ideas in Lockhart, TX? The Blacks are always excited to welcome barbecue newbies to our family!

Remember, sooner is better than later. It’s time you took advantage of all this small Texas town has to offer. We have a few bucket list ideas in Lockhart, TX – including tasting the unique and savory taste of Black’s Barbecue! Your taste buds will thank you.