Day Trips in Lockhart, TX

Are you looking to go on an adventure to find the best barbecue around? Day trips in Lockhart, TX will show you why this city is known as the barbecue capital of Texas. Black’s Barbecue has been around since 1932 and is the oldest barbecue joint in the state! We have 4 generations of family experience, ensuring our pit-masters will slow smoke you the best and freshest barbecue every day. We are open 8 days a week, so whenever you choose to take a day trip in Lockhart, TX, we will be ready with our mouthwatering, savory barbecue!

Lockhart has a beautiful state park where you can relax and enjoy the green scenery or go for a hike that follows the gorgeous Clear Fork Creek. After this you will be sure to work up an appetite! At Black’s BBQ, you can choose from our 7 different meats and delicious sides. When planning day trips in Lockhart, TX you can be pleased knowing that majority of our food is gluten free. This makes us a convenient option for those on a special diet, and many of our sides are great vegetarian choices!

You can go horseback riding, go to the gun range, or even visit the Caldwell county jail museum on day trips in Lockhart, TX. Black’s BBQ is located in the heart of downtown, so you can enjoy our cute small town feel while eating the best barbecue in the giant state of Texas! Our family is dedicated to providing you with the ultimate barbecue experience. We hope your day trips in Lockhart, TX are filled with beautiful scenery and your favorite traditional, slow smoked barbecue!