Foodie Restaurants in Austin, TX

On a mission to try all the best foodie restaurants in Austin, TX? Start at Black’s BBQ!


For barbecue enthusiasts and meat lovers alike, all self-proclaimed foodies are constantly on the hunt to find the next hot spot that will fulfill all their carnivorous desires. Black’s Barbecue is undoubtedly a well-known and well respected barbecue joint in the central Texas area, so it only makes sense that it shoube be added to the must-try list of foodie restaurants in Austin, TX.

At Black’s Barbecue, we have made a name for ourselves through our smoky, flavorful meat. From lean to moist brisket, to pork spare ribs, and giant beef ribs there is enough meat to go around! Paired with a variety of delicious sides including creamy cole slaw and extra cheddar mac & cheese, to name a few, there is something to satisfy everyone’s cravings at Black’s Barbecue.

Because of our focus on quality and customer service, Black’s proves to be the premium choice amongst all barbecue foodie restaurants in Austin, TX. We have been around long enough to establish that we know a thing or two about barbecue and we also know that food is more than just a basic human need – it’s an experience and a memory that will be shared with loved ones. With that in mind, we never want our customers to be unsatisfied.

Our Austin location adheres to the weirdness that the city knows and loves, while also upholding our Lockhart tradition. Make sure to add Black’s Barbecue on your list of the best foodie restaurants in Austin, TX, for the next time you’re passing through and know that your experience will always be nothing short of amazing!