Local Restaurants in Lockhart, TX

Are you looking for local restaurants in Lockhart, TX to try? Check out our menu and see why we are the oldest barbecue restaurant in Texas!


If you’re planning a trip or are looking to try local restaurants in Lockhart, TX add Black’s Barbecue to the top of your list! We are the original Black’s Barbecue and have been family owned since 1932. Our 3rd generation pit master Kent Black smokes the barbecue the same way his grandfather and his father did. We use a gluten-free simple rub, local post oak wood, and lots of patience to create the most savory and mouthwatering barbecue you’ll ever eat. We are the oldest operating barbecue joint in the great state of Texas! So, if you’re looking for local restaurants in Lockhart, TX you definitely want to try the one that’s been around since the beginning.

We know it is critical to support local. It is especially important to eat at local restaurants in Lockhart, TX, a small town with a population of 13,000 people. You can do this while also eating the best barbecue you’ll ever try in your life! Black’s Barbecue is #1 on the list of local restaurants in Lockhart, TX out of 29 on tripadvisor.com. If you don’t take our word for how great our barbecue is, look at the 902 reviews! You’ll find awesome comments such as, “Wow the beef rib was out of the world good,” written by Joe M. and “I have now been to Black’s six times over the last four years or so. Whenever I travel to Texas, I make a point of going to Black’s,” by Tim B.

We are open 8 days a week and are always smoking up the most fresh and savory barbecue! Whether you are making a trip to this small town, or you live here and want to support a family owned business since 1932, Black’s Barbecue is one of the best local restaurants in Lockhart, TX.