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Texas Smoker Vs. Grill
When looking at purchasing outdoor equipment to use when cooking it is important to understand the difference in a Texas smoker and grill. There are two different styles of outdoor cooking equipment and three different types of cooking. Determining which type of cooking you’ll do the most will be beneficial financially for you.

Smoking, Barbecuing, and Grilling
Using a Texas smoker to smoke your meats is a skill that takes time, and patience to master. Texas smokers are designed to cook meats with no flame only heat and smoke, hence why it’s called a Texas smoker. The smoke and heat that they generate through a wood fire flame allow for the meat to get a tainted smoky taste in it. Using a Texas smoker to cook meat usually is an all-day event cooking, and you must be willing to put in the time to commit.
Using a Texas smoker will usually inquire to purchase an expensive pit as the level of quality has a correlation to the price. Barbecuing on the other hand has been around since the cowboy days. BBQ is for lower quality tough meats that don’t do that well with high heats and fast cook times. Usually, the meats are already tough so fast cooking it will dry/burn the cuts of meat. Grilling consists of charring the outside to conceal the juices and flavor of the meats inside. Usually, direct heat is used to achieve the desire texture and flavor of the meat and is in a more controlled environment. Tender raw meats cook the best grilling versus other cuts.

Let’s Get Smoking!
Figuring out what type of grill and what style of cooking you will most frequently do will help decipher what type of equipment and meats you need. If you’re a beginner in outdoor cooking a good start would be in grilling first to get the fundamentals down before you start trying to smoke expensive cuts of meat in the future. It’ll save you money in the long run.
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