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Rated Top 50 in Texas
Black’s Barbecue, is a restaurant that has continuously strived for excellence to help the everyday customer satisfy their needs as a consumer in a very competitive market of food. Barbecue is difficult to smoke, time-consuming, and a challenge to master to deliver the best pork, brisket, chicken and many other types of meat into something you and all the family can enjoy. Black’s BBQ has been rated ‘“top 50 in Texas BBQ Joint” the Texas Monthly Magazine”’ so consider them to offer the best BBQ catering in San Marcos, Tx as well.

The Best BBQ Catering in San Marcos, TX
If you're looking for BBQ catering in San Marcos, Tx Black’s BBQ is a huge recommendation. Catering and serving our Texas community for more than 80 years perfecting the art of smoking some of the most mouthwatering beef in Texas. Their catering services can provide you with some of the most efficient and good quality bbq around town. Choosing Black’s BBQ to provide all catering services in San Marcos will give you the opportunity to taste and experience the best BBQ catering in San Marcos, Tx. Black’s BBQ is notaries not just for their BBQ but also for the hospitality and ability to set up anywhere at any time. It is worth the drive to hire them to cater for your event for a change and send your taste buds to heaven. Black’s BBQ has over 600 Reviews on Yelp that will help satisfy your curiosity and doubts of the ability to handle yours even with great care. Real customers encourage all to try their foods and hire them for their serves especially BBQ catering in San Marcos, Tx.

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Not only is Black’s Barbecue the best Texas BBQ catering in San Marcos, Tx, but it is also in one of the best locations in a different semi-hidden spot in the heart of San Marcos making it easy for Black’s catering service to get any where in or near San Marcos. Let your event get the high-quality food it deserves and satisfy you and your guests while eating the best Texas BBQ catering in San Marcos, Tx. Don’t waste any more time thinking if Black’s can accommodate the size of your party. They can and will be more than happy to be the best Texas BBQ catering in San Marcos, Tx for your party or event. Check out our menu today!