The Best Lockhart Barbecue Delivered to You

Lockhart, TX is the Barbecue Capital of Texas. Plus, it is home to the original Black’s Barbecue. This location is the first restaurant the Black’s family owned and operated. Now, it’s been in operation for 84 years! We have had three generations of Black’s family pitmasters serving up Lockhart barbecue over the years. Our secret family recipe has been passed to each new generation.

Our family has spent years preserving our traditional barbecue flavoring. Of course, we still recognize the need for innovation. The latest addition to our services is... catering! Black’s Barbecue is joining other caterers, but we are bringing you our delicious Lockhart Barbecue.

Planning your next event? Black’s Barbecue should be your first choice for your catering needs. First, with Lockhart barbecue, you can be sure that there will be something for everyone at your event. Plus, the Black’s family is used to serving up lots of delicious BBQ. We’re ready for a large event - making us the best choice for birthday parties, reunions, work events, and even weddings!

To start learning more about our catering services, click on over to our Catering page. There you can provide us with any information you have about your event including the date and number of people attending. Then, the Black’s family will reach out to you to discuss pricing for your event in further detail.

Black’s Barbecue is bringing the best in Lockhart barbecue to your next event! Celebrate with the Black’s family and our delicious barbecue. Contact us to learn more about our catering services and top quality caterers.