Brisket in San Marcos

Did you grow up in Texas? What is the best brisket you ever had? Most would say their favorite barbecue restaurant. There are so many great places to get barbecue in Texas, but there are always some that naturally rise to the top. Establishments like Black’s barbecue have multiple generations that strive to perfect the art that is barbecue. This is why they have national attention and are featured on the top 50 barbecue restaurants in Texas.

You can taste this perfected brisket if you are passing through San Marcos by stopping by Black’s Barbecue. They are right off of the highway letting their brisket speak for itself. Anyone who has tried to smoke a brisket can agree that this really is an art. This barbecue can top those on the bbq trail.

If you have not ever had Texas barbecue before, then it is time. You have to stop in today and order some brisket along with some potato salad. This will show you a piece of Texas that must be experienced if you are not from here. If you just moved here and are looking to acclimate to your surroundings, then Black’s can help with that as well. Stop by and grab a local draft beer along with listening to live local bands. This venue exudes the Texas culture.

Who has your favorite brisket in Texas? The best way to find out is to start exploring Texas now. Start in San Marcos, Texas and move through Lockhart, Texas, which happens to be the barbecue capitol. Enjoy the taste of Texas one bite at a time.