What Kind Of Catering Is Best For Your Next Event

Black’s BBQ is happy to cater your next event, whether it be big or small. We want you to receive the best type of catering service for your party needs, so all of your guests can be well fed and happy- and then so can you! We’ve broken down the six main types of catering services offered, so you know exactly what you should be asking for!

1.Mobile Catering
This kind of catering -you guessed it- comes straight to you. Caterers bring all the necessary food and equipment, and you are responsible for providing the space. This type of catering is best suited for larger, outdoor functions, such as fairs, festivals, or large parties.

2.Take Home Catering
With take home catering, the caterers provide the food ready-made and you either bring it directly to your event, or freeze it and reheat the meal for the party. You should be advised by the company on the amount of food that is appropriate for your party. This type of catering is ideal for holiday gatherings, small to medium sized parties, and office gatherings.

3.Door to Door Catering
In door to door catering, you are provided food from a set menu with specific combination options. Your meals are delivered straight to your door, usually with custom personal service. However, these companies may also just drop off the food as per your request. Additionally, often heating equipment can be rented for the duration of your event.

4.Special Events Catering
A more involved type of catering, special events catering includes all of the services required for your event including set up and tear down. The caterer will be responsible for presenting the food in an appropriate display for your food selection and venue. This type of catering is well suited for weddings, anniversary parties, and large scale birthday parties.

5.Business Catering
Business catering is just what it sounds like- a caterer provides food for use in business meetings, training sessions and other business related functions.

6.Industrial Catering
The final and most complex form of catering, industrial catering involves serving food to the largest amount of guests including at schools, airlines, or hospitals. These events are likely held on an annual or semi-annual basis.

Black’s is interested in providing all kinds of catering types to our clients, whatever you need to have the best possible event for you. Talk with us today about the catering needs you require as you plan. Remember, Black’s is always committed to providing you delicious food at you event all days of the week!