On the Hunt for Lockhart’s Best BBQ

Living in Texas there is only one thing we love just as much as the great state itself, and that would be BBQ. Everywhere you go, there is going to be some restaurant claiming that they have the best BBQ in the business. Now we aren’t saying that their BBQ isn’t great, but it can’t beat a recipe that has stayed the same since our founding in 1932. From brisket to sausage, Black’s BBQ has the best BBQ not only in Lockhart, but all across this great state of Texas. So swing by today if you are ready to experience what we’ve been cooking for over 80 years.

Now we know you may be skeptical about how great our BBQ can be so we have one question for you. How could we have lasted this long without having the best BBQ in the area? From generation to generation, the tradition of cooking great BBQ is in our blood and we will deliver nothing but delicious brisket, sausage, and various other meats to you when you come in. The taste you get today is the same that our customers were getting back in the 1930’s. Now if that doesn’t say something about our quality, then we don’t know what will.

When it comes down to having the best BBQ, there are two types of meat that stand out. That would be brisket and sausage. If you can’t get both of those right, then you might as well just close your doors. From the preparation to the cook time to delivering it to your plate, our brisket and sausage has not changed and we do not plan on changing it any time soon. The best BBQ in Texas might be hard to come by, but once you come to Black’s BBQ you will know who truly is the best.