Catering Your Party Just Got A Lot Easier

Located in the Barbecue Capital of Texas and boasting a rich history spanning 84 years is Black’s Barbecue. The Lockhart, TX location is home to the original Black’s Barbecue restaurant. Since opening 84 years ago, not much has changed at Black’s. We’ve kept the same recipes for our delicious BBQ, the same location and dining experience, and the same family of managers and pitmasters.

Of course, the Black’s Barbecue family isn’t afraid of embracing some change. That’s why we’ve expanded our number of locations, by adding restaurants in Austin and San Marcos, TX. Plus, we’ve added our brand new catering service to help you with throwing the absolute best party around.

Black’s Barbecue and our new catering service brings the BBQ to your next big event. We are your caterers in Lockhart, TX. Black’s will bring the food. All you have to provide is the hungry guests! Our caterers will carefully handle your food before we arrive at your event, while we are serving your guests, and during clean-up. With Black’s Barbecue as your caterers, you don’t have to worry about the quality of your food- with 84 years of experience, Black’s Barbecue consistently delivers high quality food, even when it’s being transported to your big event!

Contacting our caterers is simple! By submitting your event information, Black’s Barbecue can begin preparing your menu and preparing for your event. Embrace one of the newest Blacks Barbecue additions. Invite us to your next party today.