How Black’s Has Been Spreading REAL Texas BBQ

As you may know, Black’s Barbecue opened in Lockhart, TX in 1932. Since that time, we have been serving our traditional BBQ at our original location. Our restaurant has been family owned and operated since its creation. In fact, we’ve had three generations of pitmasters who’ve shared the Black’s secret recipe for our delicious brisket and Texas BBQ.

Of course, after all of these years, the Black’s family decided it was time to expand into other Texas towns. Since we are currently in Lockhart, the BBQ Capital of Texas, what better way to expand, then to the REAL Capital of Texas?

That’s how Black’s Barbecue brought our Texas BBQ to Austin, TX. We established the Black’s Outpost to serve our traditional BBQ all across Austin. The Austin location is an extension of our original Lockhart location. The true Texas BBQ for sale at our Austin Outpost is actually hand delivered from our Lockhart location. That means, that the BBQ at the Austin location is smoked at our Lockhart location before transport.

Our Austin Outpost has embraced the unique Austin culture. While we’ve kept our traditional BBQ the same, we’ve brought new additions into our location. Just one example, is our Waffle Wednesdays every Wednesday at 5PM. Our Waffle Wednesdays combine the best of both worlds with Black’s BBQ Chicken and Barrett Black’s unique and from scratch waffle.

Our Austin Outpost is just one of our big moves to expand our Texas BBQ and brisket all across Texas. From the BBQ Capital of Texas to the Capital of Texas, you and your family can enjoy the hard work and dedication provided by the Black’s family. Enjoy our Black’s BBQ anywhere as we expand across Texas with our traditional BBQ.