San Marcos BBQ

All the great friend groups on television have a hang out. The Friends gathered at Central Perk. The How I Met Your Mother gang met up at MacLaren’s Pub. Even the Big Bang Theory group has The Cheesecake Factory. To take your group of friends to next level status, you need to nail down a “place.” We’ve got the perfect location for you in San Marcos, TX! Gather your friends at Black’s BBQ and start hanging out. There’s a ton of reasons to pick Black’s.

First off, Black’s serves up the best in the category of San Marcos BBQ. You and your gang can choose from any of our nine choice cut meats, which means that no matter how much time you spend with us you’ll never get bored of the food. In fact, we encourage you to try and find your usual. It’s not as easy as it sounds when you consider the high quality San Marcos BBQ we cook up each and every day.

Of course, your hang out isn’t just measured by the food. You should enjoy the environment too! When your friends join Black’s for San Marcos BBQ on a Friday or Saturday evening, you’ll earn a front row seat to our live music shows too! We invite the best musicians in town to come and play. You and your friends can relax and unwind after a long day to good music and even better BBQ... Right here in San Marcos, TX.

You’ve got squad goals. You want your friends to rival your favorite sitcom friends. You know you’re funny enough all you need is the perfect backdrop to record your shenanigans. Haven’t we convinced you yet? Black’s serves up the best San Marcos BBQ and delivers a cool, fun atmosphere. Bring all your friends by and start staking your claim. We’ll reserve you a table.