Your San Marcos BBQ Joint: Black’s Barbecue

So you’re a resident of the good old 78666? Well, while you were enjoying the San Marcos River and cheering at Texas State or Rattler football games, something BIG happened in town: the Black’s Barbecue moved onto Hull Street.

Why does that name sound so familiar?

Because Black’s Barbecue has been cooking up the best BBQ in Texas for 84 years now. They are one of the first (and finest) BBQ joints in the BBQ Capital of Texas, Lockhart. Plus, Black’s Barbecue has a rich heritage. The Black family have owned and operated the business with the help of four generations of pitmasters. And now... They brought their BBQ to the Hill Country!

Black’s Barbecue is about to become your one stop for San Marcos BBQ. With 84 years of experience, and secret family cooking techniques that have stood the test of time. Black’s BBQ will be unlike anything San Marcos has tasted before. What’s their secret? A simple rub, local Post Oak wood and patience... Just like their grandfather did in 1932.

Of course, Black’s Barbecue has upgraded its restaurant experience since 1932! In fact, for their San Marcos BBQ location, they added a touch from the local town. Now, Black’s customers can enjoy live music from local bands, artists, and performers all month long. Their Friday, Saturday, and Sunday live music nights are exactly what you and your friends need to unwind after a long week.

After one visit to Black’s, you’ll be craving their San Marcos BBQ all day, every day. Luckily for you, the family hasn’t stopped innovating, even though they’ve kept their cooking style the same. Now you can invite Black’s to your next event, too! With the help of their catering service, you and your friends can enjoy the best San Marcos BBQ away from the Black’s Hull Street location.