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You can find the best BBQ near South Congress at The Original Black’s Barbecue. Drop by our restaurant today or contact us so we can deliver your favorite BBQ to your home.

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You can find and eat many delicious South Congress BBQ meals here at The Original Black’s Barbecue. We have briskets, baby back ribs, pork spare ribs, and smoked chicken. We also have sandwiches, homemade sausages, and various sides to accompany your order. Your cravings will be satisfied!

Ready to Serve You

Not only do we make the best South Congress BBQ, but we also have the best service. During every visit, we will happily greet you at the door, take your orders with a smile, and even take a moment to chat with you. Through our genuine hospitality, you will feel loved and cared for.

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We look forward to seeing you here at The Original Black’s Barbecue. You can eat our best South Congress BBQ with us or at home.

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