Brisket Recipe in Lockhart, TX

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Do you love meat? And feel you need a break from salad, vegetables or other greens? If the answer is YES, then come on down to Black’s BBQ: Home of the best brisket recipe in Lockhart, TX! Although brisket is a beloved cut of meat to Texans today, it wasn’t always that way. Pre-1950s, brisket was the cut of the cow given to Texas ranch hands to eat, while more tender steaks were served in the main house. Pitmasters have since learned how to cook brisket slowly over low heat to make it not only edible, but enjoyable. We have mastered this technique with our slow-cook, simple rub recipe using post oak wood to smoke the perfect brisket. And we pride ourselves on our tried and true brisket recipe for over 3 generations.

No matter how you slice it, Black’s BBQ brisket recipe in Lockhart, TX is sure to please! Whether you want to leave fat on the brisket as it cooks slowly to give the meat its special taste and aroma, prefer a leaner cut of meat or have a craving for our chopped beef brisket with a touch of Norma Jean’s tangy barbeque sauce. The delicious brisket made of certified quality Angus Beef is prepared fresh every day, straight from our barbecue pit! Plus you have a choice of seven different types of meats to satisfy your hunger, including our tasty pork spare ribs, giant beef ribs, flavorful turkey breast, and famous home-made sausage. Our variety of side-dishes are sure to go great with whatever meat you select, such as potato salad, pinto beans, cole slaw and much more!

Great attention to detail is a family tradition at Black’s BBQ. Our awesome brisket recipe in Lockhart, TX is a labor of love, which contributes to our awesome reputation as a Texas smoked meat legend for 82 years and counting. Our brisket goes through a multi-step process to ensure juicy, tender meat with proper doneness. And we keep the pit running 8 days a week to reach our customers that are ready for some serious barbecue.

So if you want to make your carnivore’s dream a reality, experience the wildly-acclaimed Black’s BBQ brisket recipe in Lockhart, TX at the location that started it all!