Delicious event catering in Austin, TX

Come to Black’s Barbecue for great event catering in Austin, TX!


So you’re hosting an event. You likely want to make your event as memorable as possible and provide the best for your guests. Catering can really make or break your event in this aspect. What better way to please your guests than having mouth watering barbecue from Black’s Barbecue? Black’s Barbecue is the best choice for barbecue lovers when it comes to event catering in Austin, TX.

If you’re looking for event catering in Austin, TX, there is really no better choice than Black’s barbecue. Our famous Texas style barbecue will make your event a memorable one to all your guests. Black’s Barbecue originally opened up in Lockhart, Texas in 1932. Over the years our barbecue has gotten so famous out here in central Texas, we opened up a location in Austin and another in San Marcos so we could better provide great barbecue to our fellow Texans. Our barbecue is cooked the same way it was in 1932, so when you come to us for event catering in Austin, TX, the mouth watering barbecue we bring you is made with the same family recipes and techniques that made us famous over 80 years ago. Your guests will be extremely happy when they see our catering crew with fresh brisket, ribs, and other barbecue classics. As an event host, you’ll be happy you came to Black’s Barbecue for event catering in Austin, TX when you get a taste of our barbecue.

If you want to make your event memorable, great barbecue is a great place to start. So if you’re hosting an event, treat your guests to fresh, mouth watering barbecue from Black’s!