Restaurants for Lunch in Austin, TX

Is your stomach rumbling and that salad not cutting it? If you are looking for more substantial restaurants for lunch in Austin, TX, you’ve found the best! Check out our menu and get to planning your lunch!


Black’s Barbecue is one of the best restaurants for lunch in Austin, TX. Why you may ask? To start, we provide customers with high quality barbecue slow smoked the way it was by Mr. Black back in 1932. Kent Black a 3rd generation pit master claims it just takes a simple rub, local post oak wood, and patience. At Black’s Barbecue we take pride in our quality meats, smokers, and pit masters.

The meat we offer at our restaurant for lunch in Austin, TX includes brisket, pork spare ribs, chopped beef brisket, giant beef rib, turkey breast, and our homemade sausage at Black’s Barbecue. Sides and desserts are also available like our extra cheddar mac & cheese, Norma Jeans Beans, “Mashmallo” sweet potatoes, Feel’n Peachy Cobbler, and Banana Pudding to name a few. All of that should be consumed with some savory Norma Jean’s Barbecue sauce or 1932 dry rub. Is your mouth watering yet?

At Black’s Barbecue we want the customer to enjoy their experience eating at our restaurant for lunch in Austin, TX. But if coming to our brick and mortar location is too much hassle check our online shop we offer all our barbecue as well as sauces, rubs, pies, and merchandise. Come visit us for lunch in Austin, TX or come in for dinner, we want to show you what all the hype is about, we believe Black’s Barbecue is the best barbecue in the entire city!