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Are you new to the Austin area? Maybe you made a permanent move or maybe you’re just here visiting. Whichever it may be you are bound to type into google “restaurants near me in Austin, TX.” Look no more, Blacks BBQ is here to satisfy all of your BBQ needs today! Or any day for that matter, we are open 7 days a week! And Austin isn’t our only great location! We have two locations, our original location being in Lockhart TX and our second opening right near you, in Austin TX. So save yourself the time that you spend typing “Restaurants near me in Austin, TX,” and head over to Black’s BBQ.

Here at Black’s BBQ we take food very serious, we have 7 different meats for you to choose from and relish in savory goodness. The most complicated part about eating at Black’s BBQ is just getting to pick which meat you want to try first! Our best-selling meat being our brisket is cooked for 14 hours! When we say we know BBQ we aren’t kidding, we have been actively serving our BBQ customers for 3 straight generations! So stop looking for restaurants near me in Austin Tx and come to a place that will not only treat you like family, but also serve you as one.

We also have live events were we have entertainment or free goodies for all of you to enjoy! Over the course of a week we serve over 6,000 sausage rings. Our food is in no doubt, in high demand! Don’t believe us? Black’s BBQ was listed in the top 50 best BBQ Joints in the world! Good thing we will pop up when you type restaurants near me in Austin TX, you wouldn’t want to miss out!