The best of barbeque restaurants in Lockhart, TX

Eat to your heart’s content at Black’s!

Lockhart Menu

Got a big appetite worked up? Want to sink your teeth into something hearty, succulent, and meaty? Then you need to shuffle your way over to Black’s BBQ, one of the best restaurants in Lockhart, TX you’ll find around! We’ve perfected the art of barbeque and have been serving it out to people for over 80 years, so your satisfaction is all but guaranteed!

We’ll give you a small sneak peek into the family secret recipe; it’s a simple rub, local post oak wood, and some patience. These three things put together create the ultimate barbeque that’s sure to make you melt like the barbeque in your mouth. We have a large variety of meats available for you to choose from as well, so we’re sure to match your preferences! We have beef briskets, beef ribs, pork baby back ribs, barbeque chicken, pork chops, and homemade sausages. As you can see, as far as barbeque restaurants in Lockhart, TX goes, we can’t be beat!

While the meats may be the main attraction, don’t think we’re lacking in any of the other departments either! We make some stellar sandwiches that’ll leave you patting your belly in content. This is all also complemented by our selection of sides to make sure you feel like you’ve got a full dinner. With the likes of potato salads, coleslaw, green beans, mexican rice, and sweet pickles, there’s sure to be a choice that will go perfect with your entree. And as one of the best restaurants in Lockhart, TX period, we’d be silly to not give you a wide selection of dessert to finish your dining experience here at Black’s. We got peach cobblers, banana pudding, and ice cream, so you can satisfy that sweet tooth after sinking your teeth in our barbeque.

So if you’re looking for a good time in Lockhart, swing by Black’s BBQ. We’re sure to give you one of the best experiences you’ll find out of the restaurants in Lockhart, TX!