Travel in Lockhart Tx

If you are looking for high-quality barbecue from one of the oldest and best restaurants in the state while you travel in Lockhart, TX, visit Black’s Barbecue!


Black’s Barbecue is proud to serve our customers from multiple locations such as Lockhart, Austin, and even online. If you travel in Lockhart, TX you can visit the Original Black’s Barbecue restaurant which has been in Lockhart since 1932! Black’s Barbecue is proud to serve many generations of Texans with top quality barbecue. Our business has been in the same family for four generations, in fact they we are the oldest barbecue joint in the entire state of Texas! How’s that for a reason to visit?

People that travel in Lockhart, TX love our selection of barbecue slow smoked meats, sides, and desserts. Black’s Barbecue has been serving slow smoked meat the same way since 1932, we figure if it isn’t broke why fix it! Our customers have always loved our barbecue and the smoky flavor that Black’s Barbecue is known for. If you happen to travel in Lockhart, TX please stop by and try our barbecue, we would love to have you!

Whether you travel in Lockhart, TX, Austin, TX, or buy online you will receive some of the best quality meat and sides expertly cooked for your enjoyment. We truly value our customers here at Black’s Barbecue, and want to ensure you get treated right. We want our reputation as one of the best barbecue restaurants to be held up, and want to show you why we’re the best! Come on out to Black’s Barbecue and come in and try it for yourself, you will know the made the right choice on the first bite!