Where to Find Local BBQ in Lockhart, TX

Come to Black’s Barbecue for the best BBQ in Lockhart!


Lockhart is a small town that is often referred to as the barbecue capital of Texas. Each year, people from all over the country come here in search of great Texas style barbecue. There are certainly plenty of options to choose from around here, each restaurant offers something unique and special to the food scene here. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, if you’re looking for local BBQ in Lockhart, TX, your journey isn’t complete until you’ve stopped by Black’s Barbecue.

Black’s opened up in 1932 as a family owned restaurant. It quickly established itself as some of the best local BBQ in Lockhart, TX. Since then, it’s delicious food has grown famous all over Texas. The demand for our barbecue has grown so large we’ve had to open up two other locations! The Lockhart location is the original, and cooks with the same recipes that made it famous over 80 years ago. Still run by the Black family, we understand all the secrets to making delicious, mouth watering barbecue. Our menu includes tasty brisket, pork spare ribs, smoked turkey breast, sausage, potato salad, cole slaw, cobbler, and more! With our amazing menu selection and classic family recipes, it’s easy to see why we’re considered some of the best local BBQ in Lockhart, TX.

Black’s has a lot to offer barbecue lovers, whether you’re a local or a tourist. Your trip to Lockhart isn’t complete until you’ve stopped by Black’s. With our amazing food prepared with the same techniques that made us famous in 1932, we’re the best place to stop at for local BBQ in Lockhart, TX. If you find yourself in Lockhart, stop by and see for yourself just what all the fuss is about!