BBQ Chicken in San Marcos

Does the sound of the words "BBQ chicken" instantly make your mouth water? It definitely would to those who are big fans of good food. But if not, then you haven’t had the right kind of BBQ chicken. And by the right BBQ chicken, we are talking about the kind whipped up in Black’s Barbecue’s kitchen!

If you’re a Southern kid at heart, you will definitely relive good memories of enjoying a Texas outdoor barbecue. Imagine, it’s a summer evening, your family and friends are gathered around the bbq pit, and life couldn’t be any sweeter. Or maybe you’re at a tail gate with all your closest buddies, beer in hand, waiting for the game to start. The guy with the bbq pit is the life of the party and the one providing all the delicious smoked and grilled meats, of course. The laughs, the parties and all the good times will come rushing back to you as you take the first bite. You simply cannot miss out! Make sure to get the full nostalgic experience and try our delicious entree with one of our draft beers. The combination will make your taste buds sing in perfect harmony and definitely keep you wanting more!

The best part of our BBQ chicken is knowing that it is made by the experts. Black’s BBQ was first opened in the 1930’s and has kept going strong. We know you’ll love our chicken since Black’s BBQ originated from the "Barbecue Capital of Texas" itself! Other restaurants in San Marcos, TX may serve BBQ chicken, but we guarantee it tastes nothing like the authentic and original chicken we serve. We promise you that!