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BBQ in Lockhart, Tx

A small, simple rural town that holds farmers and ranchers. Home to the original Black’s BBQ and possibly the best bbq in Lockhart, Tx. Black’s prides itself on satisfying the bbq cravings that many have in Lockhart Tx. Being around for four generations all the locals know who has the best bbq in Lockhart, Tx, and what they have done for decades to exceed expectations of customer service.

About Black’s BBQ

Being the original location brings a higher standard of what’s to be expected from Black’s restaurant. From catering events to having people dine in to eat the best bbq in Lockhart, Tx. They must bring their services is to have consistency in their food and service incomparable to any other competitor in and around Lockhart. From their high rating of top 50 places to try in Texas, it’s no surprise they will be packed Friday nights, and Saturdays full of friends and family all craving the best bbq in Lockhart, Tx.

Black’s offers several meat choices that can accommodate anyone in the mood grill chicken to smoked and tender brisket you will never question the abilities of the employees who smoke your entrees. The amount of dedication and hours of prep time to deliver the best bbq in Lockhart, Tx should be admired when eating at their Lockhart location. It’s not a wonder why they’re highly competitive and want to serve you the best bbq in Lockhart, Tx.


Black’s bbq brings the best to the table and wants you to go visit them for an evening with the best bbq in Lockhart, Tx. Reading about them does not bring justice to how incredible their smoked meats are. Take a leap of faith, Try them out with your love ones the next time you’re in town, and eat some of the best bbq in Lockhart, Tx.