April 30, 2024

S8E7 - Goodtaste With Tanji Patton - Get to Know Your Knives

A great pitmaster knows that while recipes and ingredients are vital, the tools they wield are equally crucial in crafting the perfect dish. Learn how integral high quality knives are to the success of your barbeque.

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S8E7 - Goodtaste With Tanji Patton - Get to Know Your Knives

Discover Top Knives for Barbecue

Knives are more than just tools; they are extensions of the chef's hand. In this episode, Barrett Black emphasizes the importance of selecting the right knife for the right job. 
Each knife in a chef's arsenal has a specific purpose — be it slicing brisket, chopping vegetables, or carving ribs. The precision with which these tasks are accomplished can influence both the texture and flavor of the dish.

A Slice of Black’s Barbecue Tradition

The Original Black’s Barbecue isn't just known for its savory, smoky flavors; it's also recognized for its commitment to tradition and quality — values that extend to their choice of kitchen tools. By sharing these insights, Barrett Black bridges the gap between professional chefs and home cooks, encouraging everyone to take their barbecue skills to the next level.
Join Barrett Black as he delves into the essentials of barbecue craftsmanship, and discover how the right set of knives can transform your cooking experience from good to extraordinary.