May 31, 2024

S8E10 - Goodtaste With Tanji Patton Chicken Grilling Tips

Professional grilling secrets from Barrett Black, a celebrated pitmaster at the Original Black’s Barbecue.

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S8E10 - Goodtaste With Tanji Patton Chicken Grilling Tips

Become a grill master right in your own backyard with expert tips for grilling chicken from Black's Barbecue's renowned pitmaster Barrett Black. Discover the secrets to perfectly smoked chicken that will elevate your BBQ skills to new heights. Click below to learn more and start your journey to BBQ excellence today!

Tips for Grilling Juicy Chicken

Barrett Black, a seasoned pitmaster at Black’s Barbecue, suggests cutting the entire chicken in half for those using smaller grills. This approach ensures more even cooking by allowing each half of the chicken to receive better heat coverage, which is crucial in smaller grills where space and heat distribution can be limited. 

Separating the skin from the bird can also help when preparing to grill chicken. Once the skin is separated, season with salt, pepper, and other spices in between the skin and meat. Also, season on the outside of the skin lightly.

How to Smoke Chicken to Perfection

When smoking chicken, use a two-zone method: charcoal on one side and wood chips on the other. Cook at 275 degrees for about 2 to 3 hours. 
Get all of Barrett’s tips in this episode and have juicy, delicious chicken for dinner!